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Paper Discussions

Eight of the class sessions will be devoted to paper discussion. For each session, we will cover four papers by splitting the discussion between four randomly assigned groups which will persist for the duration of the quarter.

Mattermost participation

Channels for each group (#paper-discussion-1, #paper-discussion-2, etc.) have been created. Please join all of the channels, though participation will only be required in your own. By the night before each discussion, post 2–3 discussion points or questions about the paper in your respective group. Do not repeat earlier questions or points, so a diversity of issues gets raised. Write each question or point as a separate message, so if people have responses, follow-up questions, links for related reading, etc., they can reply directly to your point in a thread. Such follow-up questions or are also a valid way to contribute some of your 2–3 discussion points; don’t be afraid to get the ball rolling a bit before class.

Class participation

For each class discussion, your group will decide on a discussion leader. Everyone is required to lead at least one discussion over the course of the quarter. Paper discussion classes will proceed in two parts. For the first half, each discussion group will break out and discuss their own paper. The lead should use the discussion points raised in Mattermost to guide the discussion. Then for the second half, we will reconvene and the lead for each group will summarize their paper and the takeaways from their discussion.