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 CSE 590z - Theory Seminar, Autumn 2008
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    This seminar meets Tuesdays, 1:30pm-2:20pm in CSE 503
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590z this quarter will have talks presenting current research.

Talk Schedule     

Dec 4 11:00 a.m. (Special Time)
Day Speaker(s) Title
Sept 30 Dan Spielman Graph approximation and local clustering, with applications to the
solution of diagonally-dominant systems of linear equations"
Oct 7 Eyal Lubetzky Broadcasting with side-information
Oct 14 Prasad Raghavendra Optimal Algorithms and Inapproximability Results for every CSP?
Oct 17 11:00 a.m. (Special Time) Mike Molloy A dichotomy theorem for the resolution complexity of random constraint satisfaction problems
Oct 21 Punya Biswal

Alex Jaffe

Dang-Trinh Huynh-Ngoc
Eigenvalue bounds, spectral partitioning, and metrical deformations via flows

Embeddings of Topological Graphs: Lossy Invariants, Linearization, and 2-Sums

The Value of Multiple Read/Write Streams for Approximating Frequency Moments
Oct 28 FOCS Conference Philadelphia
Nov 4 Ariel Gabizon A Recycling Paradigm for Extracting many Random Bits
Nov 11 Luca Trevisan Max Cut and the Smallest Eigenvalue
Nov 18 Ben Recht Pulling Rank: Inference from Incomplete Data
Nov 20 11:00 a.m. (Special Time) Kunal Talwar A Geometric Approach to Lower Bounds for Approximate Near-Neighbor Search
Nov 25 Iftah Gamzu Multiple Intents Reranking
Anup Rao Parallel Repetition: Theorems and Counterexamples
Dec 9 Nikhil Devanur Online keyword matching under random permutations


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