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 CSE 590z - Theory Seminar, Spring 2006
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    This seminar meets Tuesdays, 1:30pm-2:20pm in CSE 403.
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students should sign up for the theory-students mailing list.

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590z this quarter will primarily have talks by outside speakers presenting current research.

Talk Schedule     

Day Speaker(s) Title
Mar 28 Petra Berenbrink Distributed Selfish Load Balancing
Apr 4 Yacov Yacobi A New Related Message Attack on RSA
Apr 11 Guy Kindler Gallager's cooperative broadcast problem: new lower-bounds for noisy communication
Apr 19 (3:00-4:00 pm in CSE 503) Joel Friedman Cohomology in Grothendieck Topologies and Lower Bounds in Boolean Complexity
Apr 25 Ran Raz Quantum Information and the PCP Theorem
May 2 Ramarathnam Venkatesan Spectra analysis of Pollard Rho Collisions
May 9 (11:00am -noon in CSE 503) Marina Meila Model free stability results in clustering and Intransitivity and machine learning -- some open problems
May 16 Krishnaram Kenthapadi Balanced Allocation on Graphs
May 21-23 (Red Lion on 5th Ave, Downtown Seattle) STOC STOC Conference Program
May 24 (2:30-3:20 pm in Gates Commons) Dieter van Melkebeek Time Hierarchies for Semantic Models of Computation
May 25 (11:30-12:20 pm in Gates Commons) Scott Aaronson The Learnability of Quantum States
May 30 Mohsen Bayati A Sequential Algorithm for Generating Random Graphs


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