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From: David Kempe (
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 11:43:52 PDT

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    The time is Friday, 4/30, 11:30am-12:20pm
    (the date was wrong, the weekday was right)

    >Dear theory lovers,
    >Next theory seminar:
    >Title: An Introduction to Combinatorial Self-Assembly, Part 1
    >Time: Friday, 4/29, 11:30am-12:20pm (WRONG!)
    >Place: wherever it usually is
    >Guide: David Kempe
    >Self-assembly is the process by which small simple objects (called
    >"tiles"), exposed to the right physical conditions, assemble into a
    >larger, complex, and desirable aggregate object. It has been suggested
    >that self-assembly may become an important technology for circuit
    >design and nano-fabrication. For instance, a memory chip consists of
    >many identical gates arranged in regular patterns, and one could
    >imagine designing identical gates in such a way that billions of them
    >will arrange into a working memory chip (with the help of a few more
    >other gates, of course).
    >On the experimental side, there has recently been progress on
    >self-assembling larger objects from DNA-based tiles. Along with the
    >experimental progress, the theory of self-assembly is now receiving
    >more attention, including questions such as:
    >- What are good mathematical models, and how do choices in those
    >models affect the computational complexity of problems?
    >- How powerful is self-assembly as a computational model?
    >- How many different types of tiles or glue between them are needed to
    >assemble the object I want?
    >- How long will the assembly process take?
    >- How to deal with the inevitable errors that happen in practice, and
    >how to reduce the number of errors?
    >Thus, questions from self-assembly combine theory of computation,
    >complexity, algorithmic questions, and coding in an interesting way.
    >In this two-talk overview series, I plan to give a taste of the
    >models, questions, and known results.

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