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Collection of resources and advice relevant to PhD students.

Disclaimer: This page is still under flux as we continue to organize and update content. In particular, we have not vetted all of the content, so we may be adding and removing links in the future.

Please let Pratyush know if there are any broken links.

Table of contents

  1. General Advice and Article Collections
  2. How to PhD
  3. Choosing a Research Topic
  4. The Advisor-Advisee Relationship
    1. UW-only
  5. Mental Health
    1. UW-only
  6. Imposter Syndrome
  7. Feedback and Rejection
  8. Time Management and Work-life Balance
  9. Teaching and Mentoring
  10. Reading and Reviewing Research Papers
  11. Presentation Skills
  12. Elevator Pitches
  13. Academic Writing
  14. Diversity and Inclusion
  15. Related Courses

General Advice and Article Collections

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How to PhD

Choosing a Research Topic

The Advisor-Advisee Relationship


Mental Health


  • Hall health and Schmitz hall counseling center
    • Counseling, therapy, and group support for UW students
  • Safe Campus
    • UW’s central reporting office if you are concerned for yourself or a friend. They have trained specialists who will take your call and connect you with appropriate resources. They are available 24/7 at 206-685-SAFE (206-685-7233).
  • Care basket requests by the Allen School Care Committee
    • Care baskets are packages of nourishing food, snacks, and occasionally other trinkets to be requested for yourself or someone else. Use this form to request a care basket.

Imposter Syndrome

Feedback and Rejection

Time Management and Work-life Balance

Teaching and Mentoring

Reading and Reviewing Research Papers

Presentation Skills

Elevator Pitches

Academic Writing

Diversity and Inclusion

A collection of similar courses which have influenced the design this seminar.