CSE590S: System Seminar

3/28: Friday: Global Comprehension for Distributed Replay (Ivan)
4/4: A Location-Based Management System for Enterprise Wireless LANs (Charlie)
4/11: dFence: Transparent Network-based Denial of Service Mitigation (Colin)
4/18: SAAR: A Shared Control Plane for Overlay Multicast (Cherie)
4/25: Peering Through the Shroud: The Effect of Edge Opacity on IP-Based Client Identification  (Stefan Bach)
5/2: Exploiting Similarity for Multi-Source Downloads Using File Handprints (Alex)
5/9: Life, Death, and the Critical Transition: Finding Liveness Bugs in Systems Code (Roxana)
5/16: Memory Performance Attacks: Denial of Memory Service in Multicore systems by Moscribroda and Mutlu (Nathan Kuchta)
5/23: Vikram Adve guest lecture
5/30: Spamscatter: Characterizing Internet Scam Hosting Infrastructure by Anderson, Fleizach, Savage, and Voelker (Tanya)