CSE 590DB: Database Seminar

Autumn 2001: Peer-to-Peer and Distributed Data Management

Alon Halevy & Dan Suciu, Mondays 3:30 - 4:20, EE1 003

Autumn 2001 Schedule for CSE 590DB

Day Topic Readings Presenter
10/1Seminar introduction, overview, assignment of presentersYour sponsors
10/8Wide-area distributed database "vision papers":
Mariposa and ObjectGlobe

M. Stonebraker, P. M. Aoki, R. Devine, W. Litwin, M. Olson. Mariposa: A New Architecture for Distributed Data. ICDE 1994.

R. Braumandl, M. Keidl, A. Kemper, D. Kossmann, S. Seltzsam, K. Stocker: ObjectGlobe: Open Distributed Query Processing Services on the Internet. IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, March 2001.

Andrew Whitaker

Yana Kadiyska

10/15 Distributed data structures W. Litwin, M.A. Neimat, D. Schneider. LH* -- Linear hashing for Distributed Files. SIGMOD 1993. Stefan Saroiu
10/22No class so we can go to the grad student seminar "How to get a great job" instead (Sieg 134)
10/29"Plaxton" trees C. G. Plaxton, R. Rajaraman and A. W. Richa. Accessing nearby copies of replicated objects in a distributed environment. ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures, 1997. Isaac Kunen and Bart Niswonger
11/5P2P data placement and lookup

S. Ratnasamy, P. Francis, M. Handley, R. Karp, S. Shenker. A Scalable Content-Addressable Network. SIGCOMM 2001.

I. Stoica, R. Morris, D. Karger, M.F. Kaashoek, H. Balakrishnan. Chord: A scalable peer-to-peer lookup service for Internet applications. SIGCOMM 2001.

Rachel Pottinger

Andy Collins

11/12Veterans Day; no class
11/19Distributed query optimization (part 1) L. F. Mackert, G. M. Lohman: R* Optimizer Validation and Performance Evaluation for Distributed Queries. VLDB 1986. Igor Tatarinov
11/26Mariposa data placement and lookup

M. Stonebraker, R. Devine, M. Kornacker, W. Litwin, A. Pfeffer, A. Sah, C. Staelin. An Economic Paradigm for Query Processing and Data Migration in Mariposa. International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Information Systems, 1994.

J. Sidell, P.M. Aoki, A. Sah, C. Staelin, M. Stonebraker, A. Yu. Data Replication in Mariposa. ICDE 1996.

Gerome Miklau

Sumit Sanghai

12/3 Distributed query optimization (part 2) D. Kossmann, K. Stocker: Iterative dynamic programming: a new class of query optimization algorithms. TODS 25(1): 43-82 (2000). Nilesh Dalvi and Jayant Madhavan
12/10 P2P and censorship A. Fiat, J. Saia: Censorship Resistant Peer-to-Peer Content Addressable Networks Symposium on Discrete Algorithms 2002. Guest speaker: Jared Saia.

List of Relevant Papers by Topic

Distributed database systems
Content-based network routing
Data migration/lookup
Distributed query optimization

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