CSE590P: Programming Systems Seminar

Fall 2011

Wednesdays 3:30–4:20 in EEB031

We will start with five weeks focusing on run-time assertions and software-contract checking. The current plan for papers to read each week appears in the schedule. Other relevant papers that "almost made the cut" appear below.

In the remaining four weeks, presenters can choose any PL paper of interest; the choices will be posted to the schedule well in advance.

Participants should subscribe to the 590p mailing list. Note the list also has many current and former department members interested in programming languages.

Some of the paper links point into the ACM Digital Library or the Springer online collection. In either case, using a UW IP address should provide access.

Date Paper(s) Presenter(s)
Sep 28 Organizational Meeting Dan
Oct 5 Applying "Design by Contract" Meyer, IEEE Computer 1992
Design by Contract with JML Leavens, Cheon unpublished, 2006
Brandon, Aryan
Oct 12 Runtime Checking for Program Verification Systems Zee et al, RV 2007
Lazy Assertions Chitil et al, IFL 2003
Nick, Ben
Oct 19 No meeting: attend Industrial Affiliates' Meeting
Oct 26 Contracts for Higher-Order Functions Findler, Felleisen, ICFP 2002
The Racket Guide, Contracts Chapter, 2011: as many small webpages, as PDF
Nov 2 Asynchronous Assertions Aftandilian et al, OOPSLA 2011
(no second paper unless we change our minds)
Aaron, Stefan
Nov 9 Blame For All Ahmed et al, POPL 2011
Correct Blame for Contracts: No More Scapegoating Dimoulas et al, POPL 2011
Colin, Daniel
Nov 16 The Tao of Parallelism in Algorithms, Pingali et al, PLDI 2011 Adrian, Kivanc
Nov 23 Probabilistic, Modular and Scalable Inference of Typestate Specifications, Beckman, Nori, PLDI 2011 Ivan, Todd
Nov 30 Caisson: a hardware description language for secure information flow, Li et al, PLDI 2011 Joe, Tom
Dec 7 Virtual Values for Language Extension, Austin et al, OOPSLA 2011 Brian, Conrad

Additional papers on contracts and run-time assertions:

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