CSE 590 P: Programming Systems Seminar

Spring 2006

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20 p.m., CSE 203

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Topics: Dynamic Analysis/Software Engineering, Haskell, Concurrency


Date Topic Presenter
Mar 29 Organization meeting  
Dynamic Analysis/Software Engineering
Apr 5 Manuvir Das et al. ESP: Path-Sensitive Program Verification in Polynomial Time. PLDI 2002. Anna
Apr 12 Jinlin Yang et al. Perracotta: Mining Temporal API Rules from Imperfect Traces. ICSE 2006. Miryung
Apr 19 David Mandelin et al. A Bayesian Approach to Diagram Matching with Application to Architectural Models. ICSE 2006. Mike T.
Apr 26 Iulian Neamtiu et al. Practical Dynamic Software Updating for C. PLDI 2006. Erika
May 3 Simon Peyton Jones, Mark Jones, Erik Meijer. Type classes: an exploration of the design space Ben L. & CJ
May 10 Thomas Hallgren et al. A Principled Approach to Operating System Construction in Haskell. ICFP 2005. Charlie
May 17 Brian Carlstrom et al. The Atomos Transactional Programming Language. PLDI 2006. Andrew P.
May 24 Visitor talk (on transactions) Steve Freund
May 31 J.H. Reppy. Concurrent ML.
Extra material: Reference Manual, F. Pfenning's notes.

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