CSE590N: Software Engineering Seminar

We meet Monday, 3:30-4:20, in room CSE 315.

Autumn 2011 schedule:

Oct 3
The AETG System: An Approach to Testing Based on Combinatorial Design by David M. Cohen, Siddhartha R. Dalal, Michael L. Fredman, and Gardner C. Patton.
Presenter: Yuriy Brun
Oct 10
Configuration-Aware Regression Testing: An Empirical Study of Sampling and Prioritization by Xiao Qu, Myra B. Cohen, and Gregg Rothermel.
Presenter: Christian Bird
Oct 17
Towards Incremental Component Compatibility Testing by Il-Chul Yoon, Alan Sussman, Atif Memon, and Adam Porter.
Presenter: Jochen Wuttke
Oct 24
Change in plans. We will not read the "Testing of User-Configurable Software Systems Using Firewalls" (Brian Robinson and Lee White) paper. We will instead have a focused brainstorming session on configuration testing and possible research approaches

Oct 31
PC Meeting
Nov 7
Are Automated Debugging Techniques Actually Helping Programmers by Chris Parnin and Alessandro Orso.
Presenter: Brian Burg
Nov 14
Symbolic Execution with Mixed Concrete-Symbolic Solving by Corina S. Pasareanu, Neha Rungta, and Willem Visser.
Presenter: Tom Bergan
Nov 21
Precomputing Possible Configuration Error Diagnoses by Ariel Rabkin and Randy Katz.
Presenter: Kivanc Muslu
Nov 28
Proving Programs Robust by Swarat Chaudhuri Sumit, Gulwani Roberto, Lublinerman, and Sara Navidpour
Presenter: Daniel Perelman
Dec 5
Partial Replay of Long-Running Application by Alvin Cheung, Armando Solar-Lezama, and Samuel Madden.
Presenter: Todd Schiller

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