GENI: Transformational or Albatross?
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 GENI: Transformational or Albatross?
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Location: CSE 403
Time: Monday 1:30-2:20

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1/8: Peterson et al., Overcoming the Internet Impasse, Hotnets 04
Presenter: Colin Dixon

1/15: MLK

1/22: Clark et al., GENI Research Plan (what are the biggest issues in networking research?)
Presenter: Mike Piatek

1/29: Anderson and Reiter, GENI Facility Security
Presenter: Tanya Bragin

2/5: Evans et al., Overview of Mobile, Wireless and Sensor Networks in GENI
Presenter: Dan Halperin

2/12: Turner, A Proposed Architecture for the GENI Backbone
Presenter: Harsha Madhyastha

2/19: Presidents Day

2/26: Rexford, Backbone Software Architecture
Presenter: Ivan Beschastnikh

3/5: Shenker et al., GENI Frequently Voiced Concerns

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