CSE/EE 576: Image Understanding

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The final examination will be on Monday, June 5 from 2:30 to 4:20PM in our regular class meeting room. The exam will cover a combination of pre-midterm and post-midterm material. Here is a list of topics to study. Reminder: the class approved Sunday, June 4 from 1:30-2:30 as the time for the final-exam review meeting. The plan is to meet in Sieg 422.
Outlines for selected class periods are available here: Friday, 28 April. Monday, 1 May. Wednesday, 3 May. Monday, 8 May. Friday, 12 May. Monday, 15 May. Wednesday, 17 May. Friday, 19 May. Monday, 22 May. Wednesday, 24 May. Copies of the overhead transparencies for the May 22 and 24 lectures on neural nets are available at the Engineering Library Copy Center (2nd floor) as CSE/EE 576 packet number 2 ("Trainable Classifiers"). Friday, 26 May. Students in 576 are permitted to get a temporary copy of MATLAB for their own use in the course. This will require that you fill out a form and sign a contract. Let me know if you are interested.
Term projects are an important part of the course. These are to be started during the week of April 24.
Here are some corrections to the course notes.
On Friday, April 7, we were introduced to the Pentium laboratory, including the MSVC/C++ software development environment. Here is Evan McLain's document explaining how to add a new transform to the Image application.
Here is Current status of the KHOROS installation on the Suns. It contains the most recent information about getting started with Khoros and the accompanying DIP course. Please read this.
No class on Friday, March 31 or Monday, April 3.
Most students already have a computer account that can access KHOROS and CANTATA. If you do not, contact Renee Reed on Thursday or Friday to make an arrangement to pick up your account login name and password so that you can use it over the weekend and early next week. Renee's hours are limited, so plan ahead. Her email address is reed@cs, and she is in part of Sieg 127 (in a back office). Sieg 127 is kept locked, so you will either need to knock or have a prior arrangement to meet her. Many of the account application cards were not signed. We will have to take care of that next week.

Selected Lecture Slides

  • Monday, March 27.
  • Wednesday, March 29.

    Information Resources for Image Understanding

  • An Online Intro to Image Processing with KHOROS/CANTATA
  • The Delft Univ. Pattern Recognition Information Page.
  • The Computer Vision Home Page (stored at CMU).

    Other information

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