Computer Vision

CSE 576, Spring 2013

Project 1: Feature Detection and Matching

Design and implement a feature detector that allows you to robustly compare images with differences in position, orientation, and illumination.

Project 2: Panoramic Mosaic Stitching

Create image stitching software to create 360 degree panoramas that can be viewed using a web browser like QuicktimeVR.

Project 3: Eigenfaces

Use Eigenfaces to do face verification, recognition, and detection. Recognize student images. Detect the faces in a group photo and mark them. Automatically crop images to show just the face.

Project 4: Final project

You will be working on a research project decided after consulting with the course staff.


Class schedule

  • Time: 1:30pm - 2:50pm (Mon and Wed)
  • Place: MGH 234, Mary Gates Hall, UW.

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