Project Turnin Procedures

There are two possible project turnin procedures.  You should use one of the following procedures:

  1. NT/2000 shared directory
  2. Unix Samba

You should try to submit your project using one of the first two procedures first. Use #3 only if #1 and #2 fail. Use #4 only if all else fails. If you use #3 or #4, please send it as a single compressed package (e.g. a zip file).

You do not need to submit a detailed description of everything  you did for the project. You do need to submit:

  1. Binary, a copy of which should sit right in the <project-name>/code directory.
  2. Source code, in a subdirectory of the code directory.
  3. Optionally, extra files needed by the binary, again right in the <project-name>/code directory.
  4. A readme.{txt, doc} that describes, succinctly, which extra features (if any) you implemented.

The grading will consist of a staff member running your project right out of the code directory and stepping through the features. We will consult source code as needed.

Detailed Procedure Descriptions

The following instructions assume you have a CSEPCLAB account. If you have a CSERESEARCH account (likely if you are a CSE grad student), replace each instance of CSEPCLAB with CSERESEARCH.

NT/2000 Shared Directory

The place for submitting your project is in a subdirectory that bears your user name at:


Under your folder, there will be four more folders, one for each project. Under each of those folders, you will find a code directory as well as an artifact directory (if that project has an artifact--an image or other result, as described in the project writeup). The binary and source will go into the code directory, and the artifact will go into the artifact folder.

You should be able to mount your directory remotely using csepclab\<your-username> as the username, followed by your CSEPCLAB password.

Unix Samba

From a CSE UNIX host (june, ward, fiji, etc.), type this:

smbclient //gfilesrv1/courses -W CSEPCLAB

You'll be asked for your CSEPCLAB password. You can then navigate to your project folder:

cd cse576-03sp/your-username

You can then transfer files from UNIX to Windows:

put filename

To end the smbclient session, type


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