CSE 558 (Spring 2006) – 3D Photography

3D Photography

Course Schedule

This page gives the course schedule and PDFs of the slides used in the lecture. Slides and material require a CSE NetID for access. Please contact the instructors if you don't have a CSE NetID.

  Topic Slides Materials
03/28 Introduction slides (PDF)
03/30 Cameras (1) slides (PDF) Reading
04/04 Cameras (2) slides (PDF) Homework 1
04/06 Appearance in Computer Graphics (and elsewhere) slides (PDF) Reading
04/11 BRDFs slides (PDF)
04/13 BRDFs (2) and BSSRDFs slides (PDF)
04/18 BSSRDFs (2) slides (PDF) Reading
04/20 Presentation Homework 1 web pages Homework 2
04/25 Image-Based Relighting slides (PDF)
04/27 Guest Lecture Wolfgang Heidrich, UBC
Note: Room changed to CSE 403!
05/02 Matting and Transparency slides (PDF)
05/04 Presentation Homework 2 web pages
05/09 Project Discussion slides (PDF) Reading
05/11 Acquisition Systems and Tools slides (PDF)
05/16 Acquisition Systems and Tools (2) slides (PDF)
05/18 Data Fitting slides (PDF)
05/23 (Early) Conclusion slides (PDF)
05/25 Guest Lecture Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Princeton University
Note: Time changed to 4:30 pm!
05/30 Guest Lecture (Colloquium) Ravi Ramamoorthi, Columbia University
Note: Room changed to EE 105!
Note: Time changed to 3:30 pm!
06/01 final project presentations


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