CSE 558

Here is a list of lab equipment that you can use for your projects.  It will all be housed in the GRAIL "blackout room" and you will need to check with Steve, Brian, or Li before taking anything out of the lab.

Still Cameras

Video Cameras

The following are DV camcorders.  The capture video at 30fps and output onto tape (or via DV cable) in a digital format.  The format is 5:1 compressed, and color encoded 4:1:1, meaning that there is a fair amount of quantization in the color channel.  However, the images produced are high quality and much better than standard analog cameras.  If you really need good color, however, you may prefer the Sony DXC9000.

Video Projector

Capturing Images

One machine (button) in the grail lab is currently setup with two framegrabbers for capturing video to memory in real time.  The framegrabbers are Matrox II-MC boards.  The DV camcorders capture onto DV tapes.  The Canopus DVRex machine in the video lab (in conjunction with Adobe Premiere or RexEdit/Capture programes) can be used to capture and extract individual frames onto disk.

Motorized Turntable

This is a motorized rotation table that is computer controlled and accurate to a small fraction of a degree.  It was packed by Cyberware, and includes control software. Here are instructions on how to use it.

Model 15 Cyberware Scanner

This is a self-contained Desktop 3D Scanner Bundle. This bundle includes a high-resolution digitizing head and a compact motion platform. The scanner is connected to a PC through a SCSI adaptor. Here are instructions on how to scan.





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