The assignments may be done individually or in a group of two to three. Make sure everyone’s name and email of your group are included in the submissions. Each group only need to submit one copy.

Assignment 1

Read the following two papers and write a report in PDF of up to two pages.

You should evaluate their technical strength as well as weakness (if any). For instance, what problems are they trying to solve? How well do the proposed solutions address the problems? Are the results convincing? Can you reproduce the systems based on the papers? How would you write the papers if you were the author of the papers? These are just examples of questions to help you get started. You don’t have to answer the questions in your report. You may find the following useful:

Assignment 2

Another good way to understand a systems paper is to re-implement (a scaled-down version of) the system yourself! Choose one of the papers from the reading list and create a small program to demonstrate the key idea or part of the system.

Submit a tarball of your source code and a README describing how to run your code.

Here is an example: mini-mc for the KLEE paper.