CSE512 Data Visualization (Spring 2022)

Final Project

The purpose of the final project is to provide hands-on experience designing, implementing, and/or evaluating a visualization method, algorithm, or tool. Projects will be carried out by teams of 1-4 people. Your project should address a concrete visualization problem and propose a novel, creative solution. The final deliverables will be the results of your project (typically a visualization prototype or research report) and a poster communicating your project goals and results.

The majority of projects typically concern the development of a software artifact to advance an existing interest or research project. Examples include new visualization tools for a specific domain, interactive articles explaining an important concept or technique, or novel visualization methods or layout algorithms. In addition, design studies or evaluations of visualization techniques are also acceptable projects. The project specifics are flexible, so you should feel free to propose other ideas – for example, one prior submission involved a visualization-themed art installation! Please talk to the course staff if you have questions.

Prior to starting your project, it is helpful to gain a sense of what goes into formulating a successful visualization project and to beware of common pitfalls. We encourage you to read A Nested Model for Visualization Design and Validation by Tamara Munzner. This paper is required reading later in the course, so you might as well get a head start!


The project milestone and final deliverables will be submitted and deployed on the CSE 512 GitLab organization. You will be assigned repositories after submitting your proposal. Your poster should be submitted as a PDF via Canvas.


The final project will count for 40% of your final grade in the course. We will consider the novelty of the idea, how it addresses the problem at hand, the methodology you employ in doing the research, and your proficiency in implementing the idea. We will particularly focus on the usefulness of your results, as well as your choice of visualization and interaction design decisions (as applicable).