CSE512 Data Visualization (Spring 2022)

Final Project Deliverables

To complete your final project, you must provide two primary deliverables:

  • A poster presentation that communicates your project goals and results (template available here). If the course staff are helping you print your poster, then the poster PPTX/PDF file is due on Gradescope by 11:59pm, Wed 6/1. (we need enough time to print them!) If you will be printing your own posters, then just make sure to have your posters ready for the Final Project Showcase on Mon 6/6.
  • Your project results, typically an interactive visualization web page or (for studies) a ~4 page research report. Any documentts, code, and website due on CSE GitLab by 11:59pm, Tue 6/7.

Publishing Results

If constructing a web-based visualization, your final project results should ideally be published on GitLab pages. For such visualizations you are free to use any web-based library, including D3.js, Vega, Vega-Lite, REGL, etc. Keep your source code (HTML markup, visualization JavaScript code, etc.) in the top-level of your CSE GitLab repo. When ready to publish, place all necessary files in the "docs" subfolder to publish on GitLab pages.

If constructing a visualization for an environment other than the web (or avoiding publishing due to data sensitivity concerns), please post source code, running instructions, and any needed documentation to your CSE GitLab repo. You must provide sufficient materials for the course staff to be able to launch and use your work. If there are any sensitive or proprietary materials you can not post to a private CSE GitLab repo, contact the course staff to discuss an alternative arrangement.

If pursuing a research project in the form of a design study or experiment, please author a report roughly 4 pages in length, excluding references. (The exact length is not important so long as the document conveys your results effectively, but please do not go over 4 pages of non-bibliography content.) The report could take the form of a conference paper PDF, or as a web page published using GitLab pages. Make sure your final report is accessible through your GitLab repository, regardless of format.

Please also include a paragraph about team contributions at the end of your writeups.

Poster & Presentation

The poster should act as an overview of your final project to accompany a ~2-4 minute poster presentation. The posters will be presented in person at the Final Project Showcase. A poster template is available here. Keep in mind that we will have roughly 30 posters to review in 1 hour or less, so scope your presentations accordingly!

Submission Details

If the course staff are printing your poster for you, then your poster PPTX/PDF must be submitted on Gradescope by Wed 6/1, 11:59pm, as the posters will be printed ahead of the Final Project Showcase on Mon 6/6. If you are printing your own poster, just make sure it's submitted to Gradescope by 6/6.

Your final project results must be submitted to your project CSE GitLab repo by Tue 6/7, 11:59pm. Submit the URL for your project web page to the Final Project Results Canvas page.