CSE 505 - Functional Programming


Haskell Examples

The file ~borning/haskell/lecture.hs on the instructional machines has a set of examples I'll show in class. You can also view the file on the web here: lecture.hs file.

Lecture Notes


Running Haskell

We're using the hugs interpreter, a portable, light-weight implementation of Haskell. It's installed on the instructional linux machines (ceylon, fiji, sumatra, tahiti). The executable is in a standard place (/usr/bin/hugs) so you shouldn't need to do anything with your search path to find it.

Type :? for help; :quit or control-d exits. The man page for hugs lists other commands and options. Also, the file /usr/share/hugs/lib/Prelude.hs (the prelude) has lots of useful examples of Haskell code.

If you want to run Haskell on your own machine instead, you can download implementations of Hugs for any of the standard platforms from the Hugs 98 web page.