CSE 490H: Scalable Systems: Design, Implementation and Use of Large Scale Clusters, Autumn 2008
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  • The course mailing list is cse490h@cs, and will be created automatically from the list of registered students
  • The instructor and TA's can be reached all together at cse490h-staff@cs.

Credit options

This is a 3 credit graded course. You will read a number of recent research papers. There will be a number of programming assignments, but no killer project. There will be a term test.


  • 50% assignments
  • 25% term test
  • 25% participation


There will be a term test.

Class participation

Students are expected to be actively involved during class. Assigned readings must be completed *before* the beginning of class as listed in the schedule, as they form the basis for class discussion. A significant amount of each class will be devoted to group discussions of the readings and related course material. All students are expected to contribute to every discussion. Participation also includes actively engaging in lab activities as well as working outside of class time; e.g., visiting office hours.

Programming assignments

There will be a number of programming assignments. We'll be clear about which are individual and which are team. Most will be carried out on the department's Hadoop cluster, provided by Google.


Academic Integrity
It goes without saying that the University of Washington & CSE codes of conduct and academic integrity policies will be strictly enforced in this class.
Late work
Late work may be handed in with a penalty of 20% for each day late. Individual extensions may be granted due to extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis in response to really great sob stories. Students should see the instructor *well* ahead of time if this is necessary.

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