CSE 490H: Problem Solving on Large Scale Clusters, Spring 2007
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* The course mailing list is cse490h@cs, and will be created automatically from the list of registered students
* The instructor and TA's can be reached all together at cse490h-staff@cs.
* You may also contact any of the staff members directly via their email addresses above.

Credit options

This course has the option of being taken for 2 or 3 credits, the 3-credit option being identical to the 2-credit option with the exception of an additional final project.
As per registration deadlines, you will be able to change between the 2 and 3 credit option without incurring a fee until April 1. The last date to make changes to your registration is April 15 with a late-change fee of $20. After April 1, it may be necessary to contact an adviser to make these changes.


For students taking two credits:
* 30% - Lab completion
* 30% - Weekly reading responses
* 10% - Final project proposal (required for all students)
* 30% - Participation
For students taking three credits:
* 25% - Final project
* 25% - Lab completion
* 20% - Weekly reading responses
* 10% - Final project proposal
* 20% - Participation
Percentages may be adjusted at the discretion of the instructor.


No formal written exams are planned for this course. There will be no final exam (final projects will be due before final exam week).

Class participation

As a seminar course, students are expected to be actively involved during class. Assigned readings and associated questions must be completed *before* the beginning of lecture in the weeks listed in the schedule below, as they form the basis for class discussion. A significant amount of each lecture will be devoted to group discussions of the readings and related course material. All students are expected to contribute to every discussion. Participation also includes actively engaging in lab activities as well as working outside of class time; e.g., visiting office hours.


Homework will consist of a series of short reading comprehension questions about the assigned reading for the week. Readings will be between 10 and 40 pages/week. Reading assignments will be due at the start of lecture on the due date. These questions or related topics will be brought up during class discussions; therefore, thorough answers to homework questions will prepare you well for in-class discussion. All readings will be taken from materials placed on the course web site.

Labs and projects

The first four weeks of the course will be accompanied by short lab activities. Labs 0 and 1 will be completable within the lab period. Labs 2 and 3 may require some additional time outside of class. The lab period for week 5 will be reserved for project proposals. Lab work after this point will be unsupervised independent work on final projects. Final projects will be due during the last week of class for the quarter. Lab work may be completed individually, or with one partner. Final projects may be done in groups of 2-3. Final project ideas involving more than 3 students should be discussed with the course staff.


Academic Integrity
It goes without saying that the University of Washington & CSE dept. codes of conduct and academic integrity policies will be strictly enforced in this class.
Late work
Late work may be handed in with a penalty of 20% for each day late. Individual extensions may be granted due to extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Students should see the instructor *well* ahead of time if this is necessary.

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