CSE490H: Computational Design and Fabrication

Description: Introduces students to the new and exciting field of computational design and fabrication, which is currently laying the foundations on which the next generation of manufacturing workflows and systems will be built. The focus of this course is on computational design tools, but we will also spend some time discussing fabrication hardware and algorithms. Topics include concepts of hardware abstraction languages, geometry processing fundamentals, physics-based simulation, optimization techniques, and data-driven design methods. Pre-requisites are CSE 332, CSE 333, and MATH 308. CSE 457 or other experience with computer graphics is helpful but not required. Course work will involve class participation during lectures (Wednesday and Friday), three coding assignments (all in C++), and participation in 4 design and fabrication labs (Monday timeslot will be used for labs - each student will need to attend labs in this timeslot only half the weeks). There will be no exams.

Prerequisites: CSE 332, CSE 333, and MATH 308.

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