This course introduces students to the new and exciting field of computational design and fabrication, which is currently laying the foundations on which the next generation of manufacturing workflows and systems will be built. We will cover the essential computational tools of every stage in the computational fabrication pipeline: from hardware and its abstraction to the high level specification methods of design and their interactions with designers and engineers. Topics include concepts of hardware abstraction languages, geometry processing fundamentals, physics-based simulation, optimization techniques, data-driven design methods, and algorithms for high-performance interactive applications.



Time: Wednesday/Friday, 10:00-11:20am
Location: CSE1 403


Time: Select Mondays, 10:00-11:20am
Location: CSE1 022 (labs 2, 3, 4) and CSE2 G15 (lab 1)

Preliminary syllabus (subject to change): syllabus.pdf


Instructor: Adriana Schulz
TAs: Dan Cascaval, office hours Wednesday 12:00-1:00 & Amy Zhu, office hours Monday 1:30-2:30; in 4th floor breakout (emails listed on Canvas)