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 Designing Technology for Resource-Constrained Environments
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 Beth Kolko
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Designing Technology for Resource-Constrained Environments

Autumn 2009: Reading Seminar

CSE 490D/HCDE 496, Tuesdays, 1:30-2:20, in Allen Center (CSE) 203

Ruth Anderson, CSE (rea at cs.washington.edu)
Beth Kolko, HCDE (bkolko at u.washington.edu)

Course Announcement


DateReadingDiscussion LeaderNotetaker
10/6/2009 Course overview Beth & Ruth  
10/13/2009 The Case for Technology in Developing Regions Kelly Nancy
10/21/2009 Stages of Design in Technology for Global Development Susan Alexis
10/27/2009 Warana Unwired: Replacing PCs with Mobile Phones in a Rural Sugarcane Cooperative Pratik Eric
11/03/2009 Digital Green: Participatory Video for Agricultural Extension
Michael Carlos
11/10/2009 OneBusAway: A Transit Traveller Information System and onebusaway.org
Building a Transportation Information System Using Only GPS and Basic SMS Infrastructure
Carlos Emily
11/17/2009 Stabilizing Homeless Young People with Information and Place
Designs on Dignity: Perceptions of Technology Among the Homeless
Kayhan Brittany
11/24/2009 Multiple Mice for Computers in Education in Developing Countries
Joyojeet Miles
12/01/2009 Data Collection & Healthcare
e-IMCI: Improving Pediatric Health Care in Low-Income Countries &
Open Data Kit
Alexis Roy
12/08/2009 Text-Free User Interfaces for Illiterate and Semi-Literate Users &
Project Brainstorming

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