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Homework (General)

All submissions must be typed and submitted as PDF files; handwritten assignments and non-PDF files will not be accepted. Unless otherwise specified, submit homeworks online at the following URL: https://catalyst.uw.edu/collectit/dropbox/kohno/13496.

At the top of your assignment, please be sure to write your name, email address, UWNetID, the homework assignment number (e.g. "Homework 1"), due date, any references that you used (besides the course texts and assigned readings), and the names of any people that you discussed the assignment with.

Please note that the future schedule is for approximate planning purposes only. The future schedule is subject to change based on our progress and other factors.

Non-graded Immediate Tasks (Start of Quarter)

  • Join class mailing list
    Due:  January 3.

  • Sign ethics form
    Due:  January 10 (at the end of class). (Must be on time, late policy does not apply.)

  • Sign up for coffee/tea (encouraged, but not required). Signup with the sheet at the CSE reception desk starting Jan 5).
    Due:  January 10.

Textbook-Style Homeworks

  • Homework 1
    Description: here
    Out: Jan 6
    Due: Jan 14, 5pm

  • Homework 2
    Description: here
    Out: Jan 31
    Due: Feb 14 (<3 <3), 5pm.
    Extra Credit: +3 by 5PM Friday, +2 by 5PM Saturday, +1 by 5PM Sunday

  • Homework 3
    Description: here
    Out: Feb 21
    Due: March 4, 5pm

The Context for Security

  • Current Event Reflection (#1). Details here.
    Due:  Feb 4, 5pm. (Must be on time, late policy does not apply.)

  • Security Review (#1). Details here.
    Due:  Feb 4, 5pm. (Must be on time, late policy does not apply.)

  • Current Event Reflection (#2). Details here.
    Due:  March 4, 5pm. (Must be on time, late policy does not apply.)

  • Security Review (#2). Details here.
    Due:  March 4, 5pm. (Must be on time, late policy does not apply.)

CSE M 584 Research Component

If you are enrolled in CSE M 584, then you must also read the following papers and submit written reviews by the specified deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted. Your evaluations should have the following form:

  • Your name.
  • Paper title and author(s).
  • What problem does the paper address?
  • Two (or more) most important new ideas in the paper, and why.
  • What is the approach used to solve the problem?
  • How does the paper support or otherwise justify its arguments and conclusions?
  • Two ways the paper could be improved, and why.
  • Two important, open research questions on the topic, and why they matter.

You must submit evaluations as a PDF file. You should upload the evaluations to the online Catalyst system (URL at the top of this page). Your evaluation for each reading must be less than one page long, be single-spaced, use 12pt font, and have at least 1 inch margins; I expect for most paper evaluations to be approximately 1/2 to 3/4 pages long.

You are welcome to, and in fact encouraged to, discuss the papers with other students in the class. However, you must write the evaluations on your own.

TBD: Depending on the size of the course and the number of people enrolled in CSE M 584, you may also be required to present one of these papers during class. More information will be announced after the number of students in CSE M 584 stabilizes (but please ask if you haven't heard by Jan 24).

  • Due Jan 7, 5pm. Analysis of an Electronic Voting System. Kohno, Stubblefield, Rubin, and Wallach. In IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2004.

  • Due Jan 14, 5pm. How to 0wn the Internet in Your Spare Time. Staniford, Paxson, and Weaver. USENIX Security 2002.

  • Due Jan 21, 5pm. The Geometry of Innocent Flesh on the Bone: Return-into-libc without Function Calls (on the x86). Shacham. CCS 2007.

  • Due Jan 28, 5pm. Re: CAPTCHAs -- Understanding CAPTCHA-Solving from an Economic Context. Motoyama et al. USENIX Security 2010.

  • Due Feb 4, 5pm. Authenticated Encryption in SSH: Provably Fixing the SSH Binary Packet Protocol. Bellare, Kohno, and Namprempre. CCS 2002.

  • Due Feb 25, 5pm. Why Phishing Works. Dhamija, Tygar, and Hearst. CHI 2006.

  • Due March 4, 5pm (extra credit). Tor: The Second-Generation Onion Router. Dingledine, Mathewson, and Syverson. USENIX Security 2004.

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