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Class Mailing List and Archive

Sending Mail

The class mailing list is cse484a_wi09@u.washington.edu. We will use this list to make official class-related announcements. It should also be used for student discussion, but please bear in mind that 60+ people will receive any message that you send. Don't send personal messages or spam to this list, please.

We will assume that all students in the class will be on this list, and furthermore, we will assume that everybody will be checking their mail regularly (at least once a day, during the week). It is conceivable that we will use the mailing list to announce homework assignments, or to make changes/fixes to project assignments.

For general discussions, please considering using this forum: https://catalysttools.washington.edu/gopost/board/kohno/9176/.


If you're enrolled in the CSE 484, then you should be automatically subscribed. If you just enrolled, you may have to wait a day or two before the system is automatically updated. You can verify your enrollment or join the mailing list by going to this page: 484 mailing list.

If you are enrolled in CSE M 584, then you might not have automatically been added to this email list. You will therefore need to enroll yourself by going to this page: 484 mailing list.


All email sent to the class list is archived here.


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