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 CSE 484: Computer Security (Winter 2008)
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Quiz/Recitation Section


Meeting 01.10.08

  • This section is for:
    • Review and expand what Yoshi talked about
    • Project and Homework questions/hints/answers
    • Anything you want
  • Reminders:
    • Sign ethics form
    • Sign up for mailing list (if you didn't receive the e-mail about office hours)
    • Homework due tomorrow! Brevity is appreciated. Say what you need to say, but don't put in extra, unneeded fluff.
    • Current office hours (T 4:30-5:30pm, Th 9:30-10:30am) okay?
  • Project will be out beginning of next week.
    • Buffer Overflows to get root shell
    • Catch up on C, assembly, gdb
  • Anything you've ever wanted to know about security but were afraid to ask?
  • Security movie nights (suggestions welcome)
  • New security lab soon
  • Group exercise - security analysis of CSE door readers

Meeting 01.17.08

  • Homework 1:
    • Hand back
    • General comments (risk vs. risk management, etc.)
  • Homework 2:
  • Project 1:
    • First two sploits are due next Thursday at 11:59 PM!
    • Questions?
    • Addition review, activites, etc. as desired

    Meeting 02.07.08

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