Brainstorming Advice

While brainstorming, first define the problem you are trying to solve. Would people want to use it? Would it bring them joy and delight? Would it improve their lives? Would it be fun?

Also think about each device category carefully, and what features it offers. e.g. Headsets are more immersive, but not as widely available. Phones are less immersive, but easy to use and almost everyone has one. It may also be possible to think of ideas that combine multiple devices. You could also imagine using extra hardware, sensors or instruments. We have the following devices available for use: Magic Leap One (AR Headset) and Oculus Quest (VR Headset).

Here are some more questions to think about: Who is the intended audience? How would you know you are successful? What are current solutions or why isn’t this problem already solved? What does the VR/AR medium provide that is not possible/ or easy to do through other medium?

Work in a team while brainstorming, document all ideas and iterate. Get lots of feedback from classmates/staff on the discussion board. And come up with a cool team name!

Spring 2020 Projects Video Playlist

Spring 2020 Projects Websites

Team 1: Ninja Game

Natalia Abrosimova, Marc Arceo, Corey Seaman, Lily Zhao

Team 2: Vacc Inc.

Dylan Hayre, Steve Ma, Tianyang Wang, Yongzhe Yu

Team 3: Blockly

Erik Hoberg, Sea-Eun Lee, Yuma Tou, Logan Weber

Team 4: Cooking With AR

Travis Clement, Yuansi Li, Xiao Liang, Trung Nguyen/p>

Team 5: Mixed Reality Fitness

Ana Costa, Ryan Dailey, Yating Han, Yuxuan Lu

Team 6: Hands on Deck

Julian Gallegos, Patrick Mao, James Morren, Abhinav Singh

Team 7: Mind Your Touch

Kai-Wei Chang, Cheng Ni, Pei Lin Wu, Sujie Zhou

Spring 2019 Projects Video Playlist

Spring 2019 Projects Websites

Team 1: EasyMath

Matthew Chun, Esteban Posada, Jin An (Simon) San, Tanuj Jhawar

Team 2: VR Escape Room

Yifan Xu, Qian Yan, Jiwen Wu, Yexiang Shao

Team 3: ChatAssist

Andrew Wei, James Kim, Laurissa Lam, Ron Fan

Team 4: Home Run Derby VR

Stephen Cooper, Terrell Strong, Andrew Rudasics, Daoyi

Team 5: Wheelchair VR

Luke Manship, Ilya Kucherov, Kyle Yan, David Chen

Team 6: Finding Seattle

Aaron Johnston, Alison Ng, Amy Shah, Erika Wolfe

Team 7: Psychedelic Symphony

Ben Celsi, PJ Kumlue, AJ Kruse, Hannah Werbel

Fall 2018 Projects Video Playlist

Fall 2018 Projects Websites

Team 1: Dexperience VR

John Akers, Jackson Cannon, Tianchi Cao, Marcus Riley

Team 2: Wasted

Ryan Thomas, Nathan Wreggit, Sai Harshita Neti, Dean Barlan

Team 3: Life SaVR

Ayaz Latif, Rajneil Rana, Ryan Feng, Juan Chrisniady

Team 4: 4-Fun

Anny Kong, Charles Mihran, Xiuxing Lao, Yuyang Ge

Team 5: RockIT Physics

Candice Miao, Jeff Xu, Phoenix Meadowlark, Ryan Matthew Smith

Team 6: Boundless Workspace

Peyton Mash, Paul Yoo, Tianqi Wang, Alan Yingru Feng

Spring 2016 Projects Video Playlist

Spring 2016 Project Progress Reports

Team 1: Augmented Tower Defense

Cole Dearmon-Moore, Viktor Farkas, Jeffrey Linden, Brandon Luu

Team 2: DawgFights

John Buscher, Michelle Cho, Jason Vigil, Kritin Vij

Team 3: HoloPaint

Radu Cracut, Borui Andy Li, Panji Wisesa, Thomas Yi

Team 4: KeyboARd

Chieh Chang (Josh), Seakmin Kim, Hayoun Oh, Matthew Robinson

Team 5: V I V E guys

Michael Kibbe, Seth Pendergrass, Alfian Rizqi, Danny Vance


Jennifer Kang, Sonja Khan, Riley Porter, Nicholas Reiter

Team 7: HoloChess

Francis Ge, Cooper Johnson, Isaac Tian, William Zahn

Team 8: HoloScanner

Aleksander Holynski, Hamid Izadinia, Keunhong Park, Edward Zhang

Team 9: Augmented Cooking

Xuan Luo, Greg Nelson, Jeong Joon Park, Griffin Nicoll