CSE 481S: Computer Security Capstone (Winter 2023)

Location and Time

Odegaard Undergraduate Library (OUG) 141, Tuesdays 1:00–3:20 p.m.

Odegaard still requires a Husky Card for entry this quarter. Be sure to bring your card!

Course Staff

Please use Ed for most course-related communications, with a private post if needed. The cse481s-staffat cs email list is also available if you need to cc other folks. If it is a sensitive matter (e.g., DRS coordination), feel free to write to the instructor directly.

Office Hours

Office hours are by appointment.

Please contact us with your availability (and your groupmates', if applicable).

Course Description

In this capstone, you will develop a product related to computer security. The development process involves coming up with an idea, establishing requirements, designing the product, implementing it, and evaluating it. Along the way, you will use important computer security tools and practices, including threat modeling, penetration testing, and bug fixing.

Possible products could include password managers (for either a browser or the command line), censorship resistance systems, and mobile payment systems.

For more details, see the course schedule.


CSE 484 (Undergraduate Computer Security) is a prerequisite for this capstone. We will assume that you have basic computer security knowledge across various areas covered in CSE 484 (e.g., threat modeling, software security, web security, mobile security, buffer overflows, and cryptography).