CSE 481S: Computer Security Capstone (Winter 2019)

Class Schedule

Tentative Schedule. Some details subject to change based on overall course progress -- please check back often.

Requirements for deliverables are described in more detail here.

Date Today's Class Due at 12pm Before Class Due at 5pm After Class
01/11/2019 Intro, initial pitches, form groups, describe WYR process Slides: Project proposal In Class: Group selection, tentative project plan, project choice selection. Important: due Monday Jan 14 at 5pm instead, so your group selection is not rushed. (Of course, you may turn this in earlier, as soon as you are sure about your group/project selection.)
01/18/2019 Project pitches, threat modeling Design Doc: Draft of Section 2-4, Appendix A.1

Slides: Slides corresponding to Sections 2-4 of design doc
01/25/2019 Present and reflect on peer threat models Implementation: Implementation plan and git setup

Peer Analysis: Threat model analysis of other projects

Slides: Presentation of peer threat model analysis
In Class: Threat model reflection
02/01/2019 Work day (no full group meeting) Design Doc: Revisions to Sections 2-4, Appendix A (A.2-6 are new; A.6 is extra credit)

Implementation: Summary of accomplishments so far
Implementation: Summary of work done during class time, and updated implementation plan
02/08/2019 Status update Slides: Short update presentation #1 N/A
02/15/2019 Prototype demonstrations

Design Doc: Draft of Section 5

Slides: Demo presentation
02/22/2019 Code + documentation + test environment transferred to the analysis teams Design Doc: Draft of Section 6.1

Implementation: Code prepared to share with analysis team
03/01/2019 Present peer reviews, plan for addressing them Peer Analysis: Peer analysis doc + issues noted via gitlab

Slides: Slide deck corresponding to peer analysis
In Class: Peer security analysis reflection
03/08/2019 Status update Implementation: Issues addressed and updated in gitlab

Slides: Short update presentation #2
03/15/2019 Final presentations Slides: Final presentation N/A
03/19/2019 Finals week (no meeting) N/A Design Doc: Finished document (Sections 1, 6.2, 6.3 are new)

Implementation: Finished code + test environment

Misc: Final reflection

Misc: Summary of individual contribution to project