CSE 481S: Computer Security Capstone (Winter 2019)

Course Location and Time

Course Staff

Please use cse481s-staff@cs.washington.edu for all course-related emails, unless there is a specific reason not to.

Office Hours

Office hours are by appointment.

Course Description

Student teams will be tasked with creating a computer security themed product. The work will progress from product conception to requirements to design to implementation to evaluation. Along the way, students will incorporate key computer security tools and practices, including threat modeling, penetration testing, and bug fixing. Examples include password managers, censorship resistance systems, and mobile payment systems.

For more details, see the course schedule.


CSE 484 (Undergraduate Computer Security) is a prerequisite for this capstone. We will assume that you have basic computer security knowledge across various areas covered in CSE 484 (e.g., threat modeling, software security, web security, mobile security, buffer overflows, crypto).