CSE 481S: Computer Security Capstone (Winter 2017)

Class Schedule

Tentative Schedule. Some details subject to change based on overall course progress -- please check back often.

Requirements for deliverables are described in more detail here.

Date Today's Class Due at 12pm Before Class Due at 5pm After Class
01/04/2017 Intro, initial pitches, form groups Slides: Project proposal In Class: Group selection and tentative project plan
01/11/2017 Project pitches, threat modeling Design Doc: Draft of Section 2-4

Slides: Presentation of Sections 2-4 of design doc
01/18/2017 Present and reflect on peer threat models Implementation: Implementation plan and git setup

Peer Analysis: Threat model analysis of other projects

Slides: Presentation of peer threat model analysis
In Class: Threat model reflection
01/25/2017 Work day (no full group meeting) Design Doc: Revisions to Sections 2-4

Implementation: Summary of accomplishments so far
Implementation: Summary of work done during class time, and updated implementation plan
02/01/2017 Status update Slides: Short update presentation #1 N/A
02/08/2017 Prototype demonstrations

Note: we are starting an hour late today (at 3:30pm).
Design Doc: Draft of Section 5

Slides: Demo presentation
02/15/2017 Transfer projects to the analysis teams Design Doc: Draft of Section 6.1

Implementation: Code prepared to share with analysis team
02/22/2017 Present peer reviews, plan for addressing them Peer Analysis: Peer analysis doc + issues noted via gitlab

Slides: Presentation of peer analysis
In Class: Peer security analysis reflection
03/01/2017 Status update Slides: Short update presentation #2 N/A
03/08/2017 Final presentations Implementation: Issues addressed and updated in gitlab, described in design doc Section 6.2

Slides: Final presentation
03/15/2017 Finals week (no meeting) N/A Design Doc: Finished document (Sections 1, 6.3 are new)

Implementation: Finished code + test environment

Misc: Final reflection

Misc: Summary of individual contribution to project