CSE 481M: Home Networking Capstone, Spring 2011
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Tenative Schedule

Discussion content Project progress Readings and slides
Week 1 Intro to home networking and HN applications.
Intro to course resources: hardware and software (HomeOS).
Discussion of HN applications.
Devices (human oriented: input and output devices; automation oriented: sensors and actuators) and controllers
Team formation Advancing the State of Home Networking, Edwards et al., CACM, 2011 (to appear)

Slides: Mar 28, Mar 29
Week 2 State of art in HN
Technical issues: Manageability, debugging, security, heterogeneity, etc.
Non-technical factors influencing the evolution of HNs.
Initial project descriptions and review The Home Needs an Operating System (and an App Store), Dixon et al., Hotnets, Oct 2010

Slides: Apr 4 (pdf)
Week 3 Field Trip (Apr 11th)

Various approaches (mobile code, device profiles, monolithic systems)
Chicken-and-egg issues with standards.
Example interoperability protocols: Zigbee, ZWave, DLNA

Status reports Using Speakeasy for Ad Hoc Peer-to-Peer Collaboration, Edwards et al., CSCW, 2002

Slides: Apr 13
Week 4 Team/Staff meetings Team/Staff meetings  
Week 5 Device discovery and configuration
Zero-conf concept and protocols (DHCP, Bonjour)
Discovery protocols
Device pairing
Interaction between HN network topology and discovery.
Status reports Network-in-a-Box: How to Set Up a Secure Wireless Network in Under a Minute, Balfanz et al., Usenix Security, 2004

Slides: Apr 27
Week 6 Security issues in HNs
Basic concepts: principals; trust; authentication; authorization; basic crypto(?).
Challenges: usable security, secure sharing
Common scenarios: Remote access, guest access, parental controls
Milestone 1 demos Access Control for Home Data Sharing: Attitudes, Needs and Practices, Mazurek et al., CHI 2010
Week 7 Select team meetings.
You'll be contacted about meeting with the course staff.
Status reports
Week 8 HCI issues in HNs.
Inflexibility of automation rules
Predictable control: how do you know you configured it right?
Device composition: by users or programmers?
Status reports Providing an Integrated User Experience of Networked Media, Devices, and Services Through End-User Composition, Newman et al., Pervasive, 2008
Week 9 Multimedia applications
Audio/video codecs.
Streaming delivery protocols.
Milestone 2 demos
Week 10 Home energy applications.
Energy monitoring
Modulating energy use by reducing or smoothing consumption
Guest lecture by A.J.Brush (May 23rd)
Public demos

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