Kurtis Heimerl

I’m Kurtis Heimerl, Assistant Professor at the University of Washington. I work with the wonderful students in the Change and ICTD groups. I work broadly on the space of technology for poverty alleviation, specifically Internet Access.

My major research focus is on the topic of improving Internet access, with a focus on cellular technologies. Our goal is to empower communities to solve their own communication issues, be those issues of agency (as in community cellular, enabling local, community-owned cellular networks) or in repair (as in our work exploring repair ecosystems in the Philippines). This research is currently working on making LTE appropriate for community use, specifically in our home region of Puget Sound. In a past life I co-founded a company to commercialize this type of research, called Endaga, which then joined Facebook.


email: kheimerl@cs

office hours: W 2-3PM CSE2 240

Esther Jang

Esther is a 6th year PhD student in the ICTD lab. Community networks are her passion. She and other lab members are working on building out a network for underserved communities in Seattle and King County.


email: infrared@cs

office hours: Thursdays 11AM-12PM Pacific Time or by appointment- Zoom link here

Matt Johnson

Matt is a 6th year grad student in the ICTD lab, exciting about bottoms-up networking and teaching modern wireless to a broad audience.


email: matt9j@cs

office hours: Tuesdays 4PM-5PM pacific time or by appointment

In-person CSE2-153 or on zoom