Lecture Slides, CSE 481b, Winter 2006

Lecture 1 January 3 Course Introduction Anderson PPT PDF Slides with Ink
Lecture 2 January 5 Tablet PC Introduction Anderson PPT PDF Slides with Ink
Lecture 3 January 10 Agile Development Razmov JNT    
Lecture 4 January 12 VSTS Eric Lee (Microsoft)      
Lecture 5 January 17 Tablet Development Overview Todd Landstad (Microsoft) PPT    
Lecture 6 January 19 Vision Presentations Groups Presentations    
Lecture 7 January 24 HCI for Pen Computing I Anderson PPT PDF  
Lecture 8 January 26 HCI for Pen Computing II Anderson PPT PDF  
Lecture 9 January 31 Real-Time Stylus Manoj Baswas (Microsoft) PPT PDF Sample Code (ZIP)
Lecture 10 February 2 Software Quality Razmov PPT PDF  
Lecture 11 February 7 Work day        
Lecture 12 February 9 Presentations Groups Presentations    
Lecture 13 February 14 Pitching your work, neural networks Anderson PPT PDF  
Lecture 14 February 16 Handwriting analysis at Microsoft Jay Pittman PPT    
Lecture 15 February 21 Work day        
Lecture 16 February 23 Presentations Groups Presentations    
Lecture 17 February 28 Computational Geometry Richard Anderson PPT PDF Slides with Ink
Lecture 18 March 2 Program Feedback Session        
Lecture 19 March 7 Work day        
Lecture 20 March 9 Demo Hell and the Tablet PC at five and a half Richard Anderson PPT    

This page has the lecture slides in various formats from the class - for the slides, the PowerPoint and PDF versions of the handouts are available. I am using Classroom Presenter as a presentation tool, so I am making slides available in Classroom Presenter format (CSD Files). Both the files before, and after class are available. These files can be viewed by installing Classroom Presenter on a Windows XP machine (not just on a Tablet PC). Some of the slides with writing will also made availabe as HTML.