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§3.11 Interface Enumeration

public  interface  java.util.Enumeration
        // Methods
    public abstract boolean hasMoreElements();	§3.11.1
    public abstract Object nextElement();	§3.11.2
An object that implements the Enumeration interface generates a series of elements, one at a time. Successive calls to the nextElement method (I-§3.11.2) return successive elements of the series.

For example, to print all elements of a Vector v:

Methods are provided to enumerate through the elements of a vector (I-§3.10.13), the keys of a hash table (I-§3.4.11), and the values in a hash table (I-§3.4.8). Enumerations are also used to specify the input streams to a SequenceInputStream (I-§2.21)



public abstract boolean hasMoreElements()
true if this enumeration contains more elements; false otherwise.


public abstract Object nextElement()
the next element of this enumeration.
NoSuchElementException (I-§3.14)
If no more elements exist.

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