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§1.57 Class ThreadDeath

public class java.lang.ThreadDeath
    extends java.lang.Error (§1.46)
    public ThreadDeath();	§1.57.1
An instance of ThreadDeath is thrown in the victim thread when the stop method with zero arguments (§1.19.37) in class Thread is called.

An application should catch instances of this class only if it must clean up after being terminated asynchronously. If ThreadDeath is caught by a method, it is important that it be rethrown so that the thread will actually die.

The top-level error handler will not print out a message if ThreadDeath is never caught.

The class ThreadDeath is specifically a subclass of Error rather than Exception, even though it is a “normally occurrence, ” becuase many applications catch all occurrences of Exception and then discard the exception.


public ThreadDeath()
Constructs a new thread death object.

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