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§1.33 Class Panel

public  class  java.awt.Panel
    extends  java.awt.Container  (II-§1.11)
        // Constructors
    public Panel();	§1.33.1

        // Methods
    public void addNotify();	§1.33.2
A panel is the simplest container class. It provides space into which an application can attach any other component, including other panels.

The AWT sends the panel all mouse, keyboard, and focus events that occur over it.

The default layout manager for a Panel is the FlowLayout (II-§1.16) layout manager.



public Panel()
Creates a new panel. The default layout for a panel is FlowLayout (II-§1.16).



public void addNotify()
This method calls the createPanel method (II-§1.41.17) of this object's toolkit (II-§1.10.20) in order to create a PanelPeer (II-§3.17) for this panel. This peer allows the application to change the look of a panel without changing its functionality.

Most applications do not call this method directly.
addNotify in class Container (II-§1.11.4).

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