CSE 461: Introduction to Computer Communication Networks, Winter 2021
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Discussion Board
Lectures: MWF 12:30-1:20 Online
Section AA: TH 01:30-02:20 Online
Section AB: TH 02:30-03:20 Online
Section AC: TH 03:30-04:20 Online

Who Office Hours
Kurtis Heimerl, Professor
kheimerl at cs.washington.edu

W 11-12 Online

Pat Kosakanchit, TA
pathik at cs.washington.edu

M 8:30-9:30 p.m. Online

Rithik Duggempudi, TA
rrd3 at cs.washington.edu

F 8:30-9:30 a.m. Online

Kyle Yan, TA
kyleyan at cs.washington.edu

Tu 1-2 p.m. Online

Dao Yi, TA
daoyee at cs.washington.edu

Th 5-6 p.m. Online

Jeff Zhao, TA
zhaox27 at cs.washington.edu

Tu 2-3 p.m. Online

Please send general questions about homeworks, projects etc. to all the course staff via Canvas.
Required Textbook Computer Networks (6E 19), Peterson

Staff mailing list The staff email is cse461-staff@cs.washington.edu

Class mailing list The class email is cse461a_wi21@uw.edu. It's updated nightly from the official registration list, and uses your u.wash email address.


The midterm will be during class, the date is 2/8.

Note that homeworks and projects run concurrently and are due at 11 pm on the due date.

Assignment Release Date Due Date
Assignment 1 01/08 01/15
Traceroute Experiment 01/08 01/15
Project 1 01/08 01/25
Assignment 2 01/18 01/25
Project 2 01/27 02/19
Assignment 3 01/28 02/10
Assignment 4 02/12 02/25
Project 3 02/21 03/12
Assignment 5 02/26 03/12

The final will be on March 18, Thursday, 8:30am - 10:30am

Sample Midterm

Winter 2017 Sample Midterm (solution under Canvas/Files/unfiled)

Lecture Slides

Course Introduction

History of Networking

Components and Protocols

Physical Layer (Modulation, Coding)

Link Layer

Network Layer (IP)

Network Layer (Routing)

Transport (TCP/UDP/Basics)

Application (DNS, Caching, HTTP, CDNs)

Section Slides

Week 2 Section Project 1 & Traceroute

Week 3 Section Wireshark

Week 4 Section Mininet

Week 5 Section Midterm Review

Week 6 Section Mininet II

Week 7 Section Extra OH for Mininet

Week 8 Section Project 3

Week 9 Section Cryptography

Week 10 Section Final Review

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