Turn-in Instructions

In order to turn in your files, you will need access to the production servers we use for class. Keeping your files named properly will become increasingly important over the coming weeks, so pay attention to naming. The following instructions only cover how to access the turn-in folders from the animation lab in Sieg 325.

  1. Click on the Windows Start icon, then copy and paste the following path into the search field: \\ntdfs\cs\unix\projects\instr\production1\cse458_au10_turn_in
  2. Hit enter. The network location should pop up as a new window.
  3. Enter the folder corresponding to the project which you will be turning in.
  4. Make a folder for your turn-in. Name it like this: lastname_firstname. As the year goes on it will become increasingly important not to use spaces or caps in any folder or file names.
  5. Put your files in this folder. They should use the naming conventions specified by each assignment. For example: lastname_firstname_project1.ma, etc. Also, only put the final version of your work in the turn-in folder. Iterations go in your student files folder.