Student File Storage

The computers in lab use a roaming profile, so sometimes you will find that you can save to your desktop. Though this is the case, NEVER SAVE IMPORTANT FILES TO YOUR DESKTOP. Experience shows that it is when you need that file to be saved the most it is erased. To get around this issue we have created a networked space for your file storage.

  1. Click on the Windows Start icon, then copy and paste the following path into the search field: \\ntdfs\cs\unix\projects\instr\production1\cse458_au10_student_files
  2. Hit enter. The network location should pop up as a new window.
  3. Make yourself a folder.
  4. Put your files in this folder, organized and named as you please. This is a good place to store project iterations. However, remember to keep in mind that storage space is not infinite, so do not use your folder to store excessively large files or files not related to this course.