CSE 457 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Spring Quarter 2003



Date Topic Extras
 April 2 Display Devices LCD, Vector Displays, Raster Displays, OLED Displays
 April 4 Image Processing Image warp, Discrete 1D Convolution, Continuous 1D Convolution
 April 9 Affine Transformations Affine Transformation Game, Change of Basis
 April 11 Hierarchical Modeling Hierarchies, Robot Arm Example
 April 16 Projections Perspective Camera Transformation Parallel Camera Transformation Hitchcock
 April 21 Hidden Surface Determination BSP Trees Z-Buffer
 April 25 Shading BRDF viewer, OpenGl shading applet
 April 30 Raytracing Ray Tracing Applet Reflection/Refraction Applet
 May 9 Texture Mapping Mip-Map Animation, Mip-Map Calculator, Procedural Textures, Texture Mapping Primitives
 May 12 Parametric Curves Cubic curves, zip file, Bezier Curves, B-Splines, Curve Interpolation
 May 19 Particle Systems Cloth Demo
 May 21 Parametric Surfaces Tensor product Bezier patch
 May 23 Subdivision Surfaces Subdivision Tutorials and Online Demos Triangular subdivision surfaces
 May 28 Motion Capure  
 May 30 Animation Principles Animation Principles Website, Pixar Shorts
 June 2 Animation Topics  
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