CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation


Original Story: The fish who followed (7/2/09)

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1) Once upon a time there was a fish who longed to be apart of the school.
2) Everyday, the fish would swim closer and closer to the school, but swim away for fear of rejection.
3) One day, a fish from the school saw the loner fish, and decided to invite him into the school.
4) A shiny object caught the school's eye, and thinking it was food they all swam to the shiny object.
5) The lonely fish felt uneasy about going to this object, and once again became lonely.
6) The shiny object actually turned out to be a giant angler fish that devoured the whole school.
7) Hearing about the sad news, the lonely fish realized that it was good that he followed his gut.

Armature: Don't always follow the crowd.

The set for this story is in the deep ocean. The main character struggles with loneliness, and the wish to conform to what is around him. For a brief moment, the fish overcomes his loneliness because he is invited into the other group. This film would be perfect for an animated clip because the angler fish would be better represented as extreme. This story to teach children that copying other children, or having whatever others have is not always good.