CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation


Original Story: Pie a la Bang (7/2/09)

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1) Once upon a time there was a chef who loved fireworks.
2) He would cook meals for his friends and impress them by incorporating fireworks.
3) One year, his friends convinced him to hold a 4th of July Barbeque for everyone.
4) To prepare for the barbeque he stocked up his house with food and fireworks, intending to impress everyone there.
5) On the day of the BBQ, as he brought out each coarse, he would get increasingly enthusiastic responses, which made him add more pyrotechnics to each course.
6) Finally, he made one too big, and stray sparks lit the stockpiled fireworks, and sent his house rocketing off into the distance.
7) Ever since, he has been careful to use black powder in moderation in his recipes.

Armature – There can be too much of a good thing.

This story takes place in modern times in an average American town.  The chef  overcomes his own need to always impress those around him.  This should be presented as an animated film because it is easier to make spectacular food fireworks in an animated medium.  Also, having the chef's house blow up in an animated film is funny, where-as in a live action film it would be scary and difficult.  This story illustrates how even good things should be taken in moderation, and important message for the over-eating, super-disposable modern American life.