CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation


Final: Explosive Panda Romance (7/27/09)

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- Beatsheet
- Shot List
- Reference
- Character Design
- Layout
- Thumbnails: 1, 2, 3
- Storyreel (with voiceover)

1) Once upon a time there was a panda named Yao who wanted to impress a girl panda named Mei.
2) And every day, Yao tried to impress Mei with excessive gestures.
3) Until one day he had a date with Mei on New Year’s and right as he finished his elaborate decorating and making large quantities of food, she arrived.
4) And because of this, every time that Mei showed appreciation for one of Yao’s actions, he would take that action to an extreme.
5) And because of this, Mei tried to moderate his behavior but continued to like and tolerate Yao.
6) Until finally, in response to Mei’s appreciation for fireworks, Yao put fireworks in her food, and when she approved, Yao brought out a cake with so many fireworks that it blew up, upsetting Mei and causing her to storm out. When Yao went to apologize, he brought a huge pile of flowers to Mei.
7) And ever since that day, Yao learned to take things in moderation and so he tossed away the excess flowers and gave Mei a single rose, winning him a kiss.

ARMATURE: Sometimes things are best done in moderation.


3 adjectives: Clueless, Excessive, Enthusiastic

  • Mid-20’s
  • Short-sighted, eager-to-please,
  • Clueless
  • Thinks that more is better.  He compensates for his insecurities with excessive behavior.
  • He likes to cook, but there is room for improvement
  • Has a crush on Mei and is hoping to win her over with dinner
  • He and Mei have been friends for a while
  • Friendly, genuine, tries too hard in all areas of his life, overachiever


Yao is a Panda who lives alone in an Apartment in China. Although he lives alone, he never feels like he is because of his friendship with his neighbor, Mei. Yao has always harbored emotions for his long time friend, and decided to use the Holiday to invite Mei over for dinner and take their relationship to the next level. Yao often does things to impress Mei and then goes to far when she shows approval.  Yao tends to get excited about everything, and does everything in excess. He does not think that the excess is out of the norm. Although Mei also has feelings for Yao, he does not see her subtle gestures due to his cluelessness.


3 Adjectives: Forgiving, Tactful, Kind

  • Mid-20’s
  • Kind, gentle, thoughtful, good-humored, tactful
  • Has a crush on Yao and is interested in more than friendship
  • Likes Yao because she can see he cares, even if his attempts to impress are misguided
  • Plays along with Yao’s attempts to impress her, but really she’s interested in him
  • Forgives easily
  • Patient
  • Quiet, Shy


Mei is a female Panda who lives near Yao, and also feels attracted to him. Yao’s sincerity are the traits that attract her. Her patience has helped her cope with Yao’s excessiveness, and unique ways of showing his affection. Mei’s shyness has prevented their relationship from moving on to the next level because Yao does not see her subtle gestures and her subtle loving glances.


The story takes place in modern China, although the time period is somewhat ambiguous and not very important to the story.  This love story is very timeless, and can be told in any era.

The majority of the date happens in Yao’s t outside his apartment.  The scenery does not change until near the end of the story when Yao goes to Mei’s house and only the outside of her house is shown.