CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation

Assignment #3

Submitted Stories

Part A

Please use the checklist listed below to revise all three stories that you've already turned in for Assignment #2. Each story should be presented in a one page format and printed twice for class tomorrow in addition to being sent to the email addresses below. Please be sure to send your stories to the following email addresses by 10:30 AM Thursday July 2, 2009.


Note: Please be sure to remember to change anything you need to in the brief justification paragraph that follows your seven steps and armature statement based on the chekclist we developed in class yesterday that is listed below.

Part B

Submit three stories using the 7 step method and include an armature statement with justification paragraph for each story that is based on the checklist included below. The stories can be new or can be revisions of your other three but these stories must comply with the following 2 limitations:

1. Your story development will be limited to 2 characters
2. Your story location will only include one physical set located indoors.

Please do your best to fall in love with at least 2 of these stories. We really want you to be excited about the ideas you;ve come up with. A couple of notes from yesterday -- Don't count on a Deux Ex Machina -- it comes across as contrived. Avoid "realize" and replace it with "show." Show, don't tell, whenever possible. Practice your story (seven steps and armature) on your friends and family. Make your story active and visual. Consider your audience. Too much, and too long equals a feeling of "stuff happens which is not satisfying for an audience.
Consider how the three acts in your story fit into the seven steps listed below.

Here's a repeat of your seven steps:

1. Once upon a time
2. And Every day
3. Until One Day
4. And because of this
5. And because of this
6. Until Finally
7. And every since that day

Here's your checklist based on what we discussed in class yesterday. Please use it in developing, reviewing and revising your stories!

1. The armature is unclear ( not a simple sentence, not a truth we can all relate to, not a complete sentence, etc)
2. The 7 steps don't fit the armature
3. The seven steps are not in a logical order
4. Some steps are missing or there are too many steps

Make your stories designed to be specific to animation -- your stories should be best suited to be produced as an animation film. Good luck and send questions asap if need be. Be creative and have FUN with the project!