These projects are tentative and subject to change

Please check out Project Turnin Procedure and C++ Notes for Java Programmers

Project 1: Image Scissors

Create a user interface that allows a user to cut an object out of one image and paste it into another. The program should assist the user by automatically "snapping" to edges in the images.

Current Artifacts

Project 2: Panoramic Mosaic Stitching

Create image stitching software to create 360 degree panoramas that can be viewed using a web browser.

Current Artifacts & Winners

Project 3: 3D Shape Reconstruction (Photometric Stereo)

Compute the 3D shape of an object from a sequence of input photographs of the scene under different illumination conditions.


Project 4: Eigenfaces

Use Eigenfaces to do face verification, recognition, and detection. Recognize student images. Detect the faces in a group photo and mark them. Automatically crop images to show just the face.