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 CSE454 Course Overview
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    The following outline is a tentative list of the topics we hope to cover.
  • Introduction 
    • Foundational protocols: HTTP, HTML, browser archiecture
    • Server basics, cookies, log files, dynamic page generation
    • Website management, N-tier architecture, scalability
  • Information Retrieval 
    • Traditional approaches
      • Ranking, TF/IDF, precision / recall, stemming, stop words
      • Latent Semantic Indexing
    • Web-oriented techniques
      • Hypertext analysis (page rank, hubs and authorities, anchor text)
      • Spamming: keyword stuffing, doorway/jump pages, cloaking, font tricks
      • Spider search strategy, macro structure of the Web
    • Implementation and scale-up issues
      • Index structures, stemming
      • Boolean processing
    • Summarization and snippets
  • Classification and Clustering on the Web 
    • Learning, classification, and datamining
    • Clustering of search engine results
    • Collaborative filtering, user modeling, adaptive websites
    • Topic-specific crawling
  • Information Extraction 
    • Question answering
    • KnowItAll
  • Special Topics 
    • Meta-search, query routing.
    • The Semantic Web, Semantic e-mail
    • Cryptography, security, privacy, P3P
    • Micropayments, digital cash, server-side wallets, and e-commerce


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