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 CSE490i Prerequisites
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From a course material perspective, the only crucial class prerequisite is CSE 326 (data structures), but we strongly recommend that students complete one or more of the following classes in addition:

  • CSE 444 Database Systems
  • CSE 451 Operating Systems
  • CSE 461 Networking
  • CSE 473 Artificial Intelligence

Of course, if youíve taken all four, thatís ideal, but certainly not necessary. Many students will have taken one and some will be taking another at the same time as 490i.

Note that the material in these other 400-level classes is not strictly necessary. While the content of 490i overlaps slightly with these courses, we will cover all material in a self-contained fashion - very quickly.

The real issue is the maturity that comes with additional CSE 400-level experience. Remember, 490i is a capstone design class and can lead to an intense experience. Proper background will render it intensely positive instead of ...

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